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Owning a home remains on the wish lists of millions of hard-working and stable Americans. Thus, there is always demand for a mortgage loan originators (MLO’s).

MLO’s play a critical role in the process of Americans being able to afford and purchase a home.


MLO’s require a high school diploma or equivalent and 20 hours of professional training at certified institution.

Each potential MLO must take the SAFE MLO Exam.

Successful MLO’s will study the latest trends and be on the lookout for new opportunities, new changes in legislation or lending rules, and new momentum in housing.


The required exam for licensure is administered by the National Mortgage Licensure System (NMLS) and the exam is called the SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Test.

The SAFE MLO Test is a national test. A handful of states require future MLO’s to take a separate state-specific test with questions that are unique to those states. The national test contains SAFE MLO questions and content concerning national regulations and protocol as legislated in the SAFE Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008.


State requirements obligate each MLO to provide financial protection for the client, the potential homeowner, via a Bond.

The Bond assures clients that in the event of fraud or deceptive business practices there is fiscal recourse to which the client has right to seek via judicial proceedings.

Each state has their own Bond requirements.

The Bond system is structured so that Bonds can be paid as annual premiums.

Investing in a Career

A solid and in demand career is available as an MLO in almost any community across the United States. As the dream of owning a home remains relevant for Americans so to will the career of the MLO.

Initial start-up costs include:

The national SAFE MLO Exam costs $110.
The state exam, where required, costs $69. – NMLS Exam Prep, costs $59 for 5 SAFE MLO Practice Tests

Bonds rates are calculated via complex algorithms to assess your viability and to weigh your credit score. FICO scores over 800 can yield a rate as low as one to three percent of the total bond. Those with FICO scores below 650 might pay premiums up to twenty percent to mitigate the risk of the bond.

Each state might also obligate the applicant to pay a small non-refundable processing fee.