Mortgage Career Shows You How to Get a Mortgage Broker’s License the Easy Way!

Users of, the best site for online practice SAFE MLO exams, are asking if there is an easy way to get a Mortgage Broker’s License. If you have any plans to start a career as a mortgage broker, then the very first thing that you need to do is to acquire a mortgage broker’s license, and you can only do that once you have passed the national mortgage loan originator exam. However, just like any other exam, you might find the entire process quite confusing. So, we are here to provide you the easy way of finally getting your license.

Study, Study and Study

Although you do not need to have a college diploma in order to pursue a career in this field, you need to have at least a diploma, proving that you have graduated in high school. In addition to that, before you can take the safe mortgage loan originator test, you need to have at least 20 hours of training at an approved institution. Of course, it is also essential for you to equip yourself with knowledge on subjects related to the job like accounting, economics, etc. However, if you do not have the resources to do that, then you can simply enroll in an online class.

Prepare and Pass Your Mortgage Test – Practice, Practice, Practice with SAFE MLO Practice Tests on

In order for you to be considered as a mortgage broker, you need to pass the exam and so, you better prepare for it. After all, it would contain questions about the regulations that apply nationwide and unique questions to each state. The NMLS or the National Mortgage Licensure System administers it and you can find some of the resources that you can review on their website, while is the best option available to take practice tests, where you can find 625 questions with answer explanations via the revolutionary test dashboard.

Know the Bonding Requirements in Your State

In most states, a mortgage broker bond is required for each valid mortgage broker. This serves as a protection to your clients. With it, your clients can sue you for the bond amount required by the state in case they have discovered that you have been using deceitful business practices. On the other hand, a mortgage broker is not required to pay it in full amounts, since it can be paid in annual premiums. So, you need to know the bonding requirements in your state before you take the mortgage loan originator exam.

Calculate the Startup Cost

Becoming a mortgage broker also requires you to invest some of your own money into your career. After all, you might be asked for a small processing fee in your state. On the other hand, your startup cost would depend on a lot of factors. Nevertheless, you can always talk to your surety agent to lower your cost.

Renew Your License Annually

The entire process does not end with you passing the loan originator exam and getting your license, as you also need to renew your license as well as your mortgage bond annually. Depending on your state, you would be required to continue training for a specific number of hours.

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